Silver Property Solutions





Using Knowledge, experience, specific training, and most importantly, time, to assist in sourcing and packaging property investments for new and existing clients

Modern Methods:

Using creative Property & Business strategies, problems require solutions, our core aim is to provide solutions.

Traditional Values:

We are a family run business, we invest in the areas that we are specialists in.

We also work with a few select friends across many different industries, ranging from Automotive, Social Media and more, please feel free to have an informal chat to discuss your problems or needs, we are here to help. 

We cannot work with everyone, as much as we would like to. 

Due to this, we always like to have face-to-face meetings wherever possible. 

This is a very personal business that we work in.

25 years and counting of business and property experience.

About Andrew Batt

Managing Director


Project managing roles in various companies over the years, from running a gardening business, draftsman at floorplan specialist company, systems implementation for bespoke car firm, race car technician, ski & snowboard instructor & guide, retired extreme skier, managing director of international classic car transportation company and a number of property companies.
Global Co-Author in Volumes 1-3 of Speaking From Our Hearts. Co-Host of Business Facebook Group – The Business Driven Community , and very proud to be part of the Charitable Movement – World Game-Changers. Check out links for all of the above via the link below.
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