“As a family we have been investing in property ever since I can remember. Starting with the family home, then moving in to building a family portfolio. Ranging from sourcing, acquisitions, planning, budgeting, building & project managing, building control, through to project completion.

Another modern method for us is the renewable energy sector.”

“We have had experience with Buy-to-Let (South East & West Country), Houses of Multiple Occupancy (Oxfordshire), Serviced Accommodation in the French Alps (Haute-Savoie), Commercial Property Planning (South East) and assisting with a family home of straw bale construction (South East).”

“As a family of three generations, we continue to build and renovate our own properties and portfolio, whilst helping others to do the same.”

Why should you consider investing in property?

“Residential property is the UK’s largest investment asset class and on a total returns basis has been the best performing investment asset over most timeframes over the past thirty years”  British Property Federation

As an asset class, residential property is driven partially by economics, but mostly by motion.

This means that property must be looked at with economic influence, but mostly on a supply vs demand model. There are of course many other influencing factors to consider, but this is the foundation to start from.

Help in the financial planning for your families future, by starting to take action today.

Why should you consider working with us?

We have a combined business and property knowledge of 130 years and counting.

We are a family run business. We keep up to date with many industry changes, whilst expanding our Continued Professional Development (CPD) through ongoing accredited training.

We have made many mistakes in the past and can help you avoid or overcome them. You can benefit from our expertise and guidance in your property journey. 

We remain professional but approachable in the way we operate our business.



Do you have property for sale or to let, a portfolio that you need help managing, worried about property in your own name and the ramifications of section 24?

Concerns with selling a portfolio and the Capital Gains Tax liability that you may face?

Wish to sell your commercial building or commercial portfolio? Considering transfer of your own pension, or starting a SSAS pension scheme to help with your property investments? *

For the above or any other property related problem you may have, we aim to provide a solution.


Please get in touch via the contact page and add a little information about your requirements in the message box. We will then get back in touch with you to schedule either a phone call or virtual meeting.

*Please note, we are not financial advisors and do not offer financial advice, we can recommend qualified service providers, or you may wish to use your own Independent Financial Advisor.